The Boston Tenants Coalition (BTC) is a coalition of grassroots tenant neighborhood groups, community development corporations, and homeless and advocacy organizations that promotes affordable housing in Boston, organized to defend and expand the rights of tenants, and to push city, state and federal government, as well as private industry to address the needs of low-income tenants. We operate from a core belief that more affordable housing needs to be both permanent and targeted to Boston’s low-income populations.



Jim Brooks Stabilization Act – Just Cause Eviction


The Mayor filed the Jim Brooks Stabilization Act (also known as the Just-Cause Eviction act) on Monday, December 5th. The Just Cause campaign seeks to protect Boston’s tenants during the growing epidemic of profit-driven evictions. Read more about the bill here. Call your city councilor today and ask that they support this new bill that will help ensure that Boston renters are aware of their rights and offers helpful aid. More here. Check out our Facebook for any media on this issue and updates on other housing campaigns.

Michael Stone Scholars Fund

Michael_Stone_at_BTC-RTC_rally_with_Boston_median_income_chart_on_racial_disparities_chart.2Over the past several months, the Stone Scholars Advisory committee, working together with the Boston Tenant Coalition, sketched a research agenda for the Fund that will ensure continuity of the critical annual research Michael had long done on a pro bono basis for our tenant advocacy.

We want to celebrate our first Michael Stone Scholar Ian Whitney, a UMass Boston Undergraduate student. We have finalized the design of the project and have identified our final cohort of UMass partners. To read more about this fund here.


Boston Displacement Mapping

BD mapCheck out this new Boston displacement map to learn more about the Boston housing crisis and follow people’s stories about their displacement experiences.

Check out this 90.9 WBUR post about tenant advocates calling for new tenant protections.


Current Actions

cpa-for-btc-home-pageCongratulations Boston! The Community Preservation Act-Question 5 passed!

CPA is an important tool designed to help create affordable homes, better parks and playgrounds, preserve our historic neighborhood buildings, and create jobs.

To learn more about CPA and what it offers to Boston neighborhoods please continue here.




IMAG2833JCE – Help us further our efforts to establish the “Just-Cause Eviction Law”! Please sign this petition and demand that city officials support this proposal and STOP the housing crisis! To learn more about the Just-Cause Eviction proposal click here.

Petition URL:

Watch this video for an update on the coalition’s asks regarding the Just-Cause Eviction proposal.