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The Boston Tenants Coalition (BTC) is a coalition of grassroots tenant neighborhood groups, community development corporations, and homeless and advocacy organizations that promotes affordable housing in Boston, organized to defend and expand the rights of tenants, and to push city, state and federal government, as well as private industry to address the needs of low-income tenants. We operate from a core belief that more affordable housing needs to be both permanent and targeted to Boston's low-income populations.


"Karaoke for a Kause" is approaching!! We will hold this years "Karaoke for a Kause" on Sunday September 27th from 5PM-8PM. The festivities will be held at Urbano Project, an organization in Jamaica Plain that works with urban teens and professional artists to collaborate across disciplines and neighborhoods to make contemporary art for social change. Urbano Project is at 29 Germania Street, Jamaica Plain, Across from Samuel Adams. We’ll have a dinner, dancing, a silent auction with great items like gift certificates to restaurants and, of course, karaoke. 

$30—1 Person
$50—2 People
$15—Students, Low-Income
RSVP here by September 23rd! Tickets can be bought at the door or over email/phone call with Kadineyse.
All proceeds will directly support Boston Tenant Coalition’s campaigns to preserve and expand more affordable housing in Boston.

Current Actions

IDP-Boston housing prices have increased greatly over the years and Boston is now facing what we call a "housing crisis." Currently 35,000 renters have housing costs exceeding 50% of their household income. 92% of these rent-burdened households are very low-income (<50% AMI). Our proposed changes would help direct a larger share of Inclusionary Development Policy (IDP) resources to these households with worst case housing needs. (Source: Boston draft Consolidated Plan 2013-2018)

Inclusionary Development Policy (IDP) - directs housing developers to set aside a certain percentage of their new units as affordable. In some cases, instead of building the units on site, the developer has the option to build the units off-site or pay into a fund for affordable housing.

We are asking the Mayor and his top advisors to make several changes to the IDP that will aid the struggling Boston residents and their needs. Some of the changes include, increasing the percentage of units set-aside as affordable per development to 25%, requesting that the units include a range of affordability levels, and to increase the buy-out fee, for developers opting into this option, to reflect the true cost of developing an affordable unit.

Unfortunately, even with the current IDP, little money has come back to some of the most impacted neighborhoods and we are requesting that a meaningful portion of the funds generated by the IDP be earmarked for the neighborhoods where the development is occurring which will allow more affordable housing to be built in these neighborhoods.

Please sign our online IDP Campaign to support our action! 


JCE-Help us further our efforts to establish the "Just-Cause Eviction Law"! Please join us in fighting for tenant rights on October 3rd where community groups, city officials and other Boston groups and individuals will get together to showcase the housing crisis!

Immigrant Tenant Support Initiative

The Immigrant Tenant Support Initiative is a program of the Boston Tenant Coalition created to expand and promote tenant rights work and to develop tenant organizing strategies in Immigrant communities. The overall goal is to inform and educate the community about tenant rights, housing discrimination, and housing policy issues, also to build the capacity of immigrant housing groups to support tenant organizing and political advocacy.  It is a bilingual program with focus in the Latino community.  
What we offer?

  • Tenant Rights Workshops for Immigrant organizations
  • Housing Discrimination Workshops
  • Tenant Housing Referrals' for Latinos Tenants
  • Housing Community Learning Sessions
  • Orientation about housing policy, eviction process, foreclosure
  • and any resources available to support immigrant tenants residing in
  • public, private and subsidize housing.

For information to become to be involve in the Immigrant Tenant Committee, or provide a Housing Workshop in your community, please feel free to call, or email to:

Maga Troncoso Senior Organizer for BTC

(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)     617--423-8609