The BTC was formed in 1995 in the aftermath of the end of rent control. Many of the founding organizations worked together before 1995 to secure several important tenant policy changes, including stopping the City from shutting off tenants’ water when landlords did not pay their bills, pushing banks and government institutions like the Resolution Trust Corporation to dispose of foreclosed property for affordable housing, and reforming the City Inspection Services Department. Since 1995, the BTC has been strengthening the tenant movement by organizing tenant leaders across constituencies (private, public, and subsidized housing, seniors and disabled) to articulate and publicize a tenant agenda, and by expanding statewide coalition efforts to protect and expand tenant rights, increase support for low-income housing, and defeat real estate industry attempts to erode tenant rights. We are currently in our eighth year of the 10,000 Affordable Homes campaign, whose main goal is the creation of 10,000 units of permanently affordable housing. We are also working in coalition with others on creating new policy against the displacement of tenants and owners due to foreclosure and trying to capture foreclosed units for affordable housing.